Not a Nipple Slip..It is a Butt Slip..

February 12, 2008

Now this is interesting..
Why is Britney’s ass hanging out?
Is that what she calls fashion??


And what is going on with Vanessa Hudgens??
Is her ass itchy?
Picking at her ass on the beach..
Now that is what I call class…
I would step inside of the women’s bathroom..
Wouldn’t you? Or maybe that is just a crazy idea..


I would like to give credit to these photographers…and who
put the 2 pictures together side by side..
It is interesting photo art..  🙂

Madonna Carrys a Strap On Dildo Around..

December 19, 2007

Old News is still Juicy..
I still get a kick out of this bit of celebrity gossip..

September Madonna was caught with a strap on dildo in hand…
Is Guy Richie Ready to bend over?
I hope she brought lubricant too..
I don’t see it in the see through bag..
Great choice of bags to use with the Paparazzi always ready to take some pics nearby..


madonna vibrator picture
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