Not a Nipple Slip..It is a Butt Slip..

February 12, 2008

Now this is interesting..
Why is Britney’s ass hanging out?
Is that what she calls fashion??


And what is going on with Vanessa Hudgens??
Is her ass itchy?
Picking at her ass on the beach..
Now that is what I call class…
I would step inside of the women’s bathroom..
Wouldn’t you? Or maybe that is just a crazy idea..


I would like to give credit to these photographers…and who
put the 2 pictures together side by side..
It is interesting photo art..  🙂

Everyday Pamela Anderson looks more like Jenna Jameson

January 21, 2008



Pamela Anderson,splitsville from hubby, Rick Saloman is on again. According to Page Six when asked if Rick was around, she replied “NO”!  I predict this relationship will end. But on the other end of the spectrum. Doesn’tt Pam look more and more like Jenna Jameson as days go on ?

Vanessa Hudgens Bathing Suit Pics..

January 9, 2008

2008 is here…
I can’t wait to see the Swimsuits that the celebrities will wear this summer…

Here is Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in her Swimsuit that
I am sure is in the garbage now…because 2007 is out..
and the new 2008 swim wear fashions will be coming out soon…

Vanessa Hudgens in her black and white stripped bathing suit..



NOTE: These Hudgens Pics are from…
Be Sure to visit their site..


For your amusement..
Take a look at this back post on..
Paris Hilton in some of her bathing suits..
when something goes wrong..
Paris Hilton’s Bathing Suit Mishaps – Something went Pop..

The Excuse is. Vanessa Hudgens nude photos

January 7, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens

I am a teenager and teenagers sometimes make stupid decisions. says Vanessa.

Ho…hum…big yawn…

Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron underage drinking

December 29, 2007

Zac Efron Spotted Snuggling and Drinking With Vanessa Hudgens (Image: Wenn)

This cozy, under drinking age celebrity duo were spotted drinking in a place called Lola’s. Rumor has it that they were drinking Martini’s. My favorite drink and I guess one of their’s too.

Or is it that It’s strong and they can get drunk before anyone notices how old they are ????

How is it at 18

December 29, 2007

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are now 18 years old and older. Big girls are they. Ashley recently had a nose job and Vanessa has a boyfriend.

Whats next for these bopper stars.

Pregnant??                A Face Lift???

Who knows with the wacky world of the celebrities

Vanessa Hudgens 2007 Sex Scandal..

December 28, 2007

As the year turns into 2008..
People are still searching google for Vanessa Hudgens Nudie Pictures..

Let us take a look back..
At Vanessa Hudgens Sex Scandal of the Year..

These are the Pictures Floating around the Internet..

First, we have Vanessa standing…in a mix matched bra and panties..


She has moved on from that pose..
Vanessa Hudgens is taking it all off..
and letting herself be photographed..


Zooming in…


Do you want to see that picture without the bars covering her up???
Here is a link..
You can see it all..
The actual photograph untouched!!!!
Or was it dockered up by someone??
We just don’t really know..
You decide for yourself..

Here Vanessa is Posing again…
Seems to be a different day..
Being a tease for the camera..
Her bra now matches her panties and the location seems to be different..