My Baby gave me a Nipple Slip..

February 11, 2008

Babies are so cute…
tugging on Mama’s clothes..and bathing suit tops..etc..

Here is a Courtney Cox Pic…Former TV Show Friends Star…
Courtney is in a pool, having fun with her baby…
as her baby tugs on her bathing suit top…for a nipple slip
to be caught on camera…
Oops…that’s ok baby…mama loves you!


Go ahead…
Go Visit a Back Post with lots more Nipple Slips..

Oops! Another Celebrity Chick Nipple Slip!

February 8, 2008

Here is a collection of Celebrity Nipple Slips..

From slightly exposed nipples to fully exposed breasts..
These pics just may be catching some of the embarrassing moments of celebrities..
or do they love the exposure??

Adriana Lima Nipple Slip


Ashlee Simpson Nipple Slip – They seem to be having fun with this..


Britney Spears Nipple Slip


Cameron Diaz Nipple Slip


Christina Ricci Nipple Slip


Jessica Simpson Nipple Slip


Kate Moss Nipple Slip


Katie Holmes Nipple Slip


Lindsey Lohan Nipple Slip


Tara Reid Nipple Slip


Pamela Anderson Nipple Slip


Paris Hilton Nipple Slip


Which one of these is your favorite to chuckle at?
I happen to find these nipple slip pics quite amusing..

Now..Click Here to See a Jennifer Love Hewitt Nipple Slip..

Courtney Cox has a Nipple Slip..and Someone Helped it happen..
Check out who was the culprit..

Ashley Tisdale A near nipple slip

January 7, 2008

Paris Hilton’s Bathing Suit Mishaps – Something went Pop..

December 23, 2007

Paris on the Beach…in Strings and a tad bit of material…
To Cover her feminine parts…or not…

Here are some Pictures of her bathing suit unfortunate moments..

Thanks Goodness for the little star that covers the nipple…

Now she may be a tad bit self conscious…because here she is…constantly checking herself…
for loose parts…

See Paris hold the bathing suit in place now..


By the way, Paris…Cute Bathing Suit…

Time for a spot check…and a little adjustment…

parisc-heckingbreasts.jpg parisc-heckingbreasts2.jpg

But Paris….Did you check the rear end on this summer day?


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Nipples are Exposed..

December 20, 2007

Did Jennifer Love Hewitt just get her nails done??
Is she saying…Don’t my nails look really nice??
Or is she showing us her rings??
Maybe Saying…I wear one ring on this finger and another ring on that finger..


Is that what she is showing us?
Can she be Saying…Whoa! I feel a breeze..Is it chilly in here??


Now that is what I call a low cut dress!!!!!!!!!


I wonder what other crazy pictures may have…
It may be worth a look…

Lindsey Lohan Side Boob Pics for Extra Cash Idea..

December 19, 2007

It has been rumored that Lindsey Lohan is in need for extra cash these days..
Maybe Christmas Shopping is tight for her budget..
So the story goes..she has come up with an idea to sell pictures of herself
with the side of her boobs hanging and dangling..
How much would you pay for this pic?
Do I hear a Dollar?
Going once..Going Twice..Will it be sold?


This photo of Lindsey Lohan was taken at
the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute

But I think this is the picture for the big bucks!
While getting into a car, and wearing a sack for a dress..
Lindsey Lohan’s boob gets exposed..
Oops..Her breast slips out…