Nicole Richie Looks Old

February 11, 2008

Cultured,Nicole Richie  dressed in a simple prom-like dress with a side bun hair doo, appeared at the Opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum. Joined by her fellow celebs Tom Cruise and Christina Aguilera.

All I can say to this is pregancy really did age Nicole. She looks so old

The baby Bump are History

January 12, 2008

Both Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie delivered their bouncing babbies on Jan 11 2008. Christina had a boy and Nicole a girl. Congratulations and well wishes to mom’s dad’s and babies.

Nicole Richie. Celebrity Fashion of Today

January 7, 2008

 Nicole  without make up


Homeless for the Holidays

December 31, 2007


Homeless for the holidays?  I don’t think so.

Nicole Richie sold her condo in west Hollywood for a reported 2.25 million. She purchased it in 2005 for 1.18 million.

I hear that dad Lionel Richie bought her another condo for Nicole and her new family

Pucker up baby”I want to be a mother”

December 4, 2007


Paris Hilton wants to become a mother just like her long term friend Nicole Richie.

Does Paris think her maternal clocks is ticking?….NO!

She wants a baby so Nicole Richie’s child and her child can grow up together. Just like they did…

Then they both can become total wrecks in their twenties like ma ma

The family tradition

Nicole Richie is fat

December 4, 2007

Nicole Richie

No not really , she’s pregnant

And she looks healthy.. Good going!!

Celebrity Fashion of Today.Nicole Richie Pregnant Bikini

September 25, 2007

Hoola ! Hoola !

Put on a grass skirt.

Nicole Richie shows off the pregnant body, sporting her green bikini vacationing in Hawaii.

Forget about that flaming red bikini. What with these legs, rub on tattoos I’d doubt. This must be her beau, the future dad, and todays bikini, tattoo statement of the day.