Is my rear end too big?

February 12, 2008

Is Kim Kardashian wondering if her ass is too big?
Is that the question of the day?


Let us take a closer look..enlarge her rear end please…


Now that is a lot of padding!!!

As Freddie Mercury of Queen would sing…Fat Bottomed Girls ..
and Kim just may be the Queen of those girls..

Kim Kardashian Pay Per Appearance

December 28, 2007

Kim Kardashian, celeb for no reason, will appear at posh Miami New Years Eve bash for a whopping 75 k k k .

I call it ” pay per appearance”…. Huh

More Pics of Kim. Even with her beau

 Kim K           Kim K

Kim Kardashian Almost Bares All For Playboy

September 21, 2007



Kim Kardashian will be Playboy’s cover girl for the December issue. Even though, Kim has said in the past, she will never bare all. In the Playboy photos is draped in sheets and jewelry,but it is rumored that she shows one boob and her ass.

Why is Kim Kasdashian Famous?

She is the daughter of O J Simpson’s trial lawyer Robert Kardashian

Paris Hilton’s party pal

Step daughter of gold megalist Bruce Jenner


Playboy Cover Girl !!