Not a Nipple Slip..It is a Butt Slip..

February 12, 2008

Now this is interesting..
Why is Britney’s ass hanging out?
Is that what she calls fashion??


And what is going on with Vanessa Hudgens??
Is her ass itchy?
Picking at her ass on the beach..
Now that is what I call class…
I would step inside of the women’s bathroom..
Wouldn’t you? Or maybe that is just a crazy idea..


I would like to give credit to these photographers…and who
put the 2 pictures together side by side..
It is interesting photo art..  🙂

What a Class Act

February 11, 2008

Britney Spears' Not So Wild Weekend

Brits fashion.

Gracefully wearing her blue moo moo and her signature ripped fishnet stockings. Britney slurps that Starbucks while taking a break from praticing dance moves for her upcoming video.

The 40 Million Dollar Bag Women

February 9, 2008


Britney Spears leaving the Millennium dance studio.

Practice! Practice! She has an upcoming video to do.

I wounder how she will dance with Starbucks in hand

Oops! Another Celebrity Chick Nipple Slip!

February 8, 2008

Here is a collection of Celebrity Nipple Slips..

From slightly exposed nipples to fully exposed breasts..
These pics just may be catching some of the embarrassing moments of celebrities..
or do they love the exposure??

Adriana Lima Nipple Slip


Ashlee Simpson Nipple Slip – They seem to be having fun with this..


Britney Spears Nipple Slip


Cameron Diaz Nipple Slip


Christina Ricci Nipple Slip


Jessica Simpson Nipple Slip


Kate Moss Nipple Slip


Katie Holmes Nipple Slip


Lindsey Lohan Nipple Slip


Tara Reid Nipple Slip


Pamela Anderson Nipple Slip


Paris Hilton Nipple Slip


Which one of these is your favorite to chuckle at?
I happen to find these nipple slip pics quite amusing..

Now..Click Here to See a Jennifer Love Hewitt Nipple Slip..

Courtney Cox has a Nipple Slip..and Someone Helped it happen..
Check out who was the culprit..

Britney’s not in charge, as bipolar takes over her..

February 5, 2008

Britney Spears…According to a source..
Has been diagnosed as having severe bipolar disorder..

Still hospitalized…with her stay extended for 14 days..
and who knows…maybe even longer..

With word that Britney is not completely competent to understand the events
that are going on in her life…such as her legal issues and such…

With her dad now managing her estate..
and her sister Jamie Lynn and Britney’s lawyer Andrew Wallet
are co-conservatives of her estate…
Maybe too many people in charge there…

Another Lawyer has been hired…Adam Streisand…by Britney..
Right Choice????

and the court appointing a Doctor to judge if she is capable of making her own decisions..
Oh..What will the Doctors say??

With another court date set for Sweet Valentine’s Day…February 14th..

From being a Celebrity Mommy to a basket case these days…
we should of known this was coming with the head shaving incident..
We all can get sick…and we should be a little understanding..
and not too judgmental..



My Daddy can’t Control My Money

February 5, 2008

People Magazine reported that the the pinked haired pop princess, Britney Spears is totally against her father’s control over her affairs. Over the weekend, she hired an attorney named, Alan Streisand. But Brits court appointed attorney whom met with her on Sunday says she is not in sound mind and lacks capacity.

Britney Robbed

February 3, 2008


Quack Quack !!

Britney Spears parents filed a police report  of missing valuables taken from Brits home. It was discovered after Britney was taken to UCLA medical center .Specific concern is on compromised photos and a sex tape. Who’s the suspect ? Sam Lutfi of course. Since control of all Brits affairs and wealth is in temporary control of her dad, Sam’s meal ticket is not providing and monitary food any longer.

Sam’s rationale for taking.. Sell sex tapes, make mucho money and waddle like a duck into the sunset