Nicole Richie. Celebrity Fashion of Today

 Nicole  without make up


8 Responses to Nicole Richie. Celebrity Fashion of Today

  1. madz says:

    ahahhahahaha she looks like a walking toad.

  2. tay says:

    awww i feel bad for her but she is pretty ugly in that pic! she is pretty with ALOT of make-up lol

  3. leslie says:

    she is very pretty, but she was ugly onlly in that pic
    besides she is more interesting person, more fun.
    shes a god 🙂

  4. heath says:
    i guess that make up can cover up all the shit on a persons face,, just look at her

  5. edna says:

    whaterver nixoloe is so beautiful, id love to see the person who makes such comments because i doubt that u look great without make up, coz wth that personality i doubt it! im so sick of superficial people who expect perfect girls that look like barbie, what ever happend to being natural?

  6. Nickie says:

    This pic proves that their is no such thing as Perfection! she’s a normal gal ! just like the rest of us !!!!!!!!!

  7. ano says:

    im a nicole richie look alike no lie i didnt no till somone told me and i looked at her pics 95% i thought nicole was ugly well me thnks for the nice comments ppl

  8. Drea says:

    Most celebrities are extremely ugly without makeup, eg: cameron diaz, pam anderson, britney spears etc. At least we know that they are normal looking just like the rest of us.

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