Celebrities Without Makeup – Plain as Day…

Are you curious to see some female celebrities, such as
Cher, Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks and more..without their makeup on??
Well…take a look at their natural look…and see what the art of makeup can do..

Angelina Jolie without makeup..
Before and After Picture..


Tyra Banks without makeup..
Here she is putting some on..


Cher without makeup..
In Cher’s Before and After Shot..


Here we get to see Jamie Lee Curtis
Without makeup and a view of her body..


Here are 2 Picture Collages of
Female Celebrities without Makeup…
Just to name a few are..
Opah without Makeup
Pamela Anderson without Makeup..
Goldie Horn without Makeup..
and others… Check them out..



Makeup Artists are certainly true artists!

See a few more female celebrities without makeup..

One Response to Celebrities Without Makeup – Plain as Day…

  1. rica2545 says:

    your pic of angelina on the before is the one when she was only 14?!?! Don’t you have her recent pictures?

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