Vanessa Hudgens 2007 Sex Scandal..

As the year turns into 2008..
People are still searching google for Vanessa Hudgens Nudie Pictures..

Let us take a look back..
At Vanessa Hudgens Sex Scandal of the Year..

These are the Pictures Floating around the Internet..

First, we have Vanessa standing…in a mix matched bra and panties..


She has moved on from that pose..
Vanessa Hudgens is taking it all off..
and letting herself be photographed..


Zooming in…


Do you want to see that picture without the bars covering her up???
Here is a link..
You can see it all..
The actual photograph untouched!!!!
Or was it dockered up by someone??
We just don’t really know..
You decide for yourself..

Here Vanessa is Posing again…
Seems to be a different day..
Being a tease for the camera..
Her bra now matches her panties and the location seems to be different..


12 Responses to Vanessa Hudgens 2007 Sex Scandal..

  1. tyler says:

    hoooooooooooooooootttt ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuu

  2. anon says:

    what a slut bag!

  3. funny balls says:

    this is awesome

  4. bailey says:

    hey whats up ur gay, vanessa

  5. eddy says:


  6. daniel says:

    def. not different location. if the person who posted the picture was as smart as they looked, they would realize it was the same location. look at the dressers. both the same. wall the same, mirror the same. there was obviously a different change up of the room to attempt to make it look different. meaning vanessa hudgens didnt take the pictures through some random act. it was all purposeful, and put out on the web to look like a scandal to give her more credit then she is worth.

    i.e. paris hilton. perfect example i think =D

  7. whoadude says:

    actually, the bottom picture looks like it was taken in the exact same place…. duh?

  8. Alyssa says:

    Wow !! I wish they would show this on Disney channel so that all of the little kids would see what they are really lookin’ up to !!!

  9. caseyyy :) says:

    LOL there not even in a sexy pose.



  10. Mrfun says:

    She’s got what every other woman has, so what’s the big deal?

  11. cris says:

    what is wrong with you girl.. you are so beautiful.. you don’t have to do that bitchy thing..

  12. Kyle says:

    she is sexy

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