Celebrities with out make-up.Before and after

The wonders of make-up and photographers.

After seeing this…Lets take a vote

Who thinks the make up artist and photographers should make alot more money??

9 Responses to Celebrities with out make-up.Before and after

  1. helen says:

    oh-my-god!these girls look so common without make up!

  2. […] See a few more female celebrities without makeup.. […]

  3. AndriA says:

    I do I do! (I’m a make up artist, I’m kinda biased I guess)

  4. superyawnkers says:

    what’s with these bloggers anyways? yeh, ok that’s what makeup is for. i’m sure you’re the pick of the litter dear.. that you’re the best of the best in genetics.

    what’s with all this 9 year old maturity going on about lame stuff?

    yeh, makeup improves what you have…. so what most of you have nothing to work with.


  5. Jonan says:

    I tried to find out something like “You gotta have something to make you up” -but
    I failed to do so.

    No doubt that make up artists and photographers really are a very very big part
    of the success of the celebrities.

  6. Pretty Girl says:

    Oh, this is fantastic. It shows everyone how ordinary celebrities are. They are people as much as you and I. Loving it!!!! Makes me feel that much better about how ordinary I am and that it’s perfectly ok to be just a person without all of the bells and whistles.

  7. madmerc says:

    They’re just normal ppl. Thank goodness.

  8. Czarina says:

    Well, this may not be mature or even very nice to say, but after how so many girls/women feel bad because they don’t look like the “stars” or so called beautiful people It is good actually, less young people to starve themselves or feel bad about themselves. I don’t care if this sounds bad- but I admit it, I am GLAD that I actually look better than neary all of them, even ones 10 years younger than myself! I was once an aspiring actress and felt “less then” and starting to feel bad about myself…then voila! yea, yea I sound awful, I freely admit it, but hey they got alot going for them, so what if we ordinary people actually look better!

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